Australian Commercial PV Database

Australian Commercial PV Project Database

Solar consultants SunWiz today launched a web project to reveal details on commercial solar systems installed in Australia to date.

The website consists of over 3,500 solar systems installed on business premises Australia-wide and is aims to give solar industry representatives a clearer view of which business types are installing solar power, and where this is happening. Solar project data which makes up the website was collected through a number of different avenues, including satellite map-scraping to identify where “large” solar power systems have popped up and when.

“Currently there are not many avenues for finding this kind of information.” Says SunWiz Managing Director, Warwick Johnston. “Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive database of commercial solar power systems in Australia, and with over 454MW of capacity currently accounted for in our system, I’m confident in saying we’ve done just that. Of course we’re constantly working on expanding our database and we hope the solar industry will play a large role in that.”

The project offers significant rewards for solar installers who list their projects. By putting their solar project details in, installers become more visible for their commercial works. The system has also been designed with the ability to claim projects to correct any potential errors and add more information, where content is sparse.

“Not only is this the most comprehensive database of commercial solar projects in Australia”, Warwick explains. “It’s got additional levels of detail which makes it possible to see what types of businesses have installed solar power, down to the postcode level. This is very useful to solar installers who need to find out where opportunities lie in commercial solar.”

The solar industry has had its fair share of ups and downs in recent years, the RET review being the most recent issue to threaten the industry. The future of commercial and utility scale solar power has been very uncertain and SunWiz’s database is here to help. “If industry confidence and certainty can be lifted by this project, all the better the outcome is from where we sit”.

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