Australia's best solar sales coach now available 24-7

Australia’s best solar sales coach now available 24-7

The complaint I most commonly hear from solar business operators is how difficult it is to make a reasonable profit on a sale. That it’s a race to the bottom, and its cut-throat. I see evidence of this everywhere, and just wish I could wave my magic wand and help hard-working businesses earn what they truly deserve

At the same time, some of the companies I assist are amazingly profitable and rapidly growing. They’re not competing on price whatsoever and regularly exceed 30% GP on a sale.

Looking across my client-base, I’ve recently analysed what makes the difference between a high-profit company and one that has to compete on price. (And I’ll soon implement services in a select group of businesses that build up a perpetual growth high-profit sales pipeline – let me know if you’re interested in being involved.)

But perhaps the simplest way for any solar company to improve its profitability is to master selling solar power systems. Essentially, a good solar salesperson should be able to close more deals at a higher price than a regular solar salesperson (who has to cut prices to stand a chance of winning work).

Part of mastering selling solar is the simple fundamentals of mastering sales (whether that be solar sales or selling any other product or service). And there’s plenty of resources (books, courses etc) that can help in that department.

But selling solar power is a specific skill, as essentially you’re simultaneously selling an improvement in the cost-of-living, financial instrument (payback), a commodity (electricity), improved lifestyle (carefree air-conditioning), and an environmental benefit (feel-good).

For quite a few years, I’ve been presenting to audiences alongside one of Australia’s best sales coach. In that time, I’ve witnessed Dean Mannix evolve from an amazing sales coach into someone who really know’s how to apply sales fundamentals to the specialised skill of solar sales. I’d even go so far as to say “Dean Mannix is Australia’s best solar sales coach“. And while we reached hundreds of people on roadshows, we simply couldn’t reach every corner of the country. Plus, this material takes a few cycles of learn-apply-review (repeat) for it to sink in, with each cycle delivering incremental improvements to sales.

That’s why I’m thrilled that Dean Mannix has now made his sales package available to everyone in the country, 24-7. You can watch it in the comfort of your own office, again and again, whenever you need.

To summarise what Dean will show you, in a single line:

If you’re sick of losing quotes on price… … I’ll show you how to win on quality!”

Learn how to sell solar profitably with Dean Mannix, now.