Arkana Energy is a Top Volume Solar Retailer for 2022

It’s quite a feat for a solar company to install many thousands of solar panels in one year. It demonstrates a high level of success and credibility, and deserves to be acknowledged.

SunWiz has been tracking every solar power system installed in Australia since 2009, including information on which solar company did each installation. We are the undisputed authority on solar market volumes, and our data is widely quoted by companies, NGOs, and government agencies.

After thorough analysis of the solar installations that occurred in 2022, SunWiz has found the following to be true:

  • Arkana Energy is in the Top 5 Companies in Queensland for capacity of solar power systems installed in 2022.
  • Arkana Energy is in the Top 10 Companies in Australia for capacity of solar power systems installed in 2022.

About Arkana Energy

We’re here to bring more positive energy into the world, pure and simple. It’s why we love solar so much – it reduces your power bills while helping repair the planet. So much positivity! But we don’t just do it through our products; we do it through our people too.

We’re one big, happy family.

We’re a family-run, family-owned business. In fact, we named Arkana Energy after a farm that’s been in the family since 1954. Why name a modern business after an old farm? Because that farm symbolised what we wanted our business to be: a happy place built on fairness, integrity, and hard work. It may sound a little corny, but these values still run through the company today. You certainly won’t find any dishonest cowboys at Arkana Energy – we can smell ‘em coming a mile away.

You deserve better.

You are the most important part of our business, and without you we can’t continue to operate.  Thats why we are dedicated to overdelivering on your expectations.

Our journey started on the Gold Coast and in the suburbs of Brisbane, where we established ourselves as one of the most trustworthy and reputable companies in  Queensland.

Since that time, we’ve expanded to all South East Queensland, Sydney, Newcastle and Northern New South Wales.  We’ve successfully completed over 5,000 installs on both domestic and commercial premises across the country.

Our reputation precedes itself, with our continual hunger to improve our processes so that our customers can enjoy clean and free solar energy for decades to come.