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These days, solar customers have switched off to marketing hype. But most want to choose a reputable provider.

And it seems every solar company claims to be the BIGGEST or the best. Without any evidence, such claims are worthless.

Customers struggle to choose a solar retailer, and therefore fall back upon the only thing they can fully grasp: price.

Therefore, proving that you’re the largest solar retailer can mean more sales and greater profits.

Leverage your success with a Top Volume Solar Retailer endorsement from SunWiz. It will create instant credibility and stand you apart from the competition.

Demonstrate your Claims

Leverage Your Achievements

Cut Through to Customers

Sell More

How does it work?

  1. You install lots of solar power in 2019
  2. SunWiz compares your STC & LGC volume to everyone else. If you register STCs through an agent, we can accommodate that.
  3. SunWiz identifies the categories (e.g. Top 10 in Queensland, Top 5 in 30kW-100kW, #1 Commercial) you can make a marketing claim in. We will find the most useful category for you too – e.g. Top 20 residential solar retailers in South Australia.

What do you get?

  1. Instant Credibility: A Top Volume Solar Retailer 2019 endorsement for each applicable category. 
  2. Evidence: A webpage on SunWiz’s website that lists your accomplishments
  3. Improved Website Ranking: A link from SunWiz’s webpage to your website, boosting your SEO
  4. Authority: Include your “as proven by SunWiz’ byline beneath your endorsement

(all of which leads to More Sales)

How Much Does it Cost?

A small investment that delivers a massive return!

The price depends upon the number of endorsements and their categories you order.

Prices start from $500 ex GST

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