5 Things That Go Wrong With Excel Solar Proposals

Many solar companies use an Excel-based quoting and proposal generation tool. But are Excel Solar Proposals really good enough? How much is wasted due to Excel’s shortfalls where it comes to running a solar business effectively?

1.      Training sales staff

Takes a long time to train sales staff because not everyone knows how to use Excel and it is a difficult tool to master. If you spend 6 hours training 6 staff members, consider that the cost of that time alone is likely to be over $1,000!

With PVsell… Training sales staff is easy because PVsell is intuitively designed with the feedback of many active solar industry businesses.


2.      Excel breaks easily

Excel broken spreadsheet

It’s easy to break a spreadsheet – especially if sales staff aren’t really well trained. Not to mention the fact that you have very little control over how your sales staff are using your Excel tool and thus, how your customers and prospects are perceiving your company.

With PVsell… You can be confident that it will give you accurate results every time. Our system is robust – and with version 2, it’s more robust than ever.

3.      Not scale-able… how do you push updates out to your sales team on an Excel spreadsheet?

With an Excel solar proposal tool, you’re stuck with what you’ve got… Unless you want to see what sending an email to your sales team with a new proposal tool attached results in! It’s difficult and clunky to manage new versions of an Excel-based tool.

With PVsell… You don’t need to manage a thing. Improvements and updates are automatically applied and nothing changes on your end.

4.      IP leakage… your staff run off with your Excel solar proposal

Excel solar proposal thief

Imagine investing thousands of dollars into developing an Excel tool, only to find out that Jack brought it straight to your competitor and Joe started his own business using your tool! This is a real problem with Excel and there are very few reliable ways of dealing with it.

With PVsell… You have full control of permissions, including what your staff can/can’t see. Some information and it’s important to have control over your IP.

5.      Excel Solar Proposals Are Mistake Prone: Can cause share market crashes… well, in your business can cause you to be sued!

Excel market crash

Excel has been known to cause major problems in some major companies around the world. Some simple mistakes can be made by even the most savvy users and then you’ve got trouble on your hands. Solar businesses can be sued if their calculations don’t stack up with what’s delivered.

With PVsell… We take all the risk. We are 100% confident in our software and take great care in the numbers which pop out.

So don’t risk all the headaches you can get using Excel in such a major part of your business. Get PVsell and join the professional world of solar proposals.