3GW - which PV companies are leading residential and commercial PV

3 GW of PV – which companies are leading residential and commercial PV in Australia

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3GW of PV – When, where and how: System sizing, pricing, and distribution

3GW of PV – which companies are leading residential and commercial PV

Who’s doing most PV? Market share and Commercial PV
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Commercial Success Stories 2013
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Who’s doing well in Commercial and Residential?

Yesterday in our free Insights mini-series edition, we saw where the solar had been installed, and the trends that have emerged. Today we’re going to have a look at the large scale success stories, and overall market share. Remember, this release of Insights data is a once-off to celebrate the 3GW milestone. To access this data regularly, you’ll need to subscribe (from $275/month)

The graph above shows companies that self-register STCs who have registered more than two systems exceeding 30kW in 2012, and the associated size and the state of installation. The lower half of the chart shows the same information stacked, where each boxed area represents an individual system in this range. Now, this is only a subset of the market, as many smaller solar businesses are particularly successful in commercial PV but use an aggregator to register STCs are are thus hidden from view. Still, it is clear to see that there are some businesses having repeated success in commercial PV. Infinity Solar leads the way with over 1MW of 30kW+ installations, most of which are in Queensland. Todae Solar registered three 100kW systems in NSW, plus a host of others. The graph also speaks of local success – only two companies have installations cross more than two states: Energy Matters and Ingenero; the rest have been concentrated in one state with possible a single installation in a second state.Subscribers to Insights receive a quarterly update on who’s most successful in installing commercial PV.

The competitiveness of the solar industry as a whole is attested to by the limited market share of its leaders. The tables below show the market share of selected market-leading pure-play PV retailers. True Value Solar is the clear market leader in most states, and yet only manages to secure 7.4% of market share. Indeed, five major PV retailers only hold 15% national market share. This is a highly competitive industry! Subscribers to Insights receive a quarterly update on market share, including the top 20 nationally and the top 10 in each state. Premium subscribers receive monthly information on installation volumes for the top 50 nationally and top 20 in each state, plus the distribution of system sizes for the national top 50.


True Value Solar 7.40%
Green Engineering 2.23%
Solar Gain 2.11%
Origin Energy 1.79%
Infinity Solar 1.28%
True Value Solar 3.40%
Solar Australia 2.72%
Green and Gold 2.62%
True Value Solar 6.07%
Infinity Solar 3.05%
Origin Energy 2.93%
True Value Solar 4.97%
Green Engineering 3.96%
Zen Technologies 3.32%
True Value Solar 12.24%
Green Engineering 4.29%
The Green Power Company 1.59%
Solar Gain 13.33%
True Value Solar 11.88%
Infinite Home Energy 5.80%

The table below is an extensive list of known PV systems exceeding 40kW in size. This list is not exhaustive, but is the most complete list of large PV systems in Australia. This list is regularly updated and lives on SunWiz’s website http://www.sunwiz.com.au/index.php/large-system-list.html. 30MW of systems exceeding 100kW in size are listed. Keeping track of large-scale systems helps SunWiz advise the government and industry organisations about the growth of commercial PV in Australia, and helps solar businesses make valid marketing claims about where individual systems are ranked. If a system is not listed, please provide details via this website. Subscribers to Insights receive a quarterly update on recent commercial installations.

Name Total Capacity (kWp)  Date Commissioned Companies
Greenough River Solar Farm, Geraldton 10000 Oct-12 Verve, GE Financial Services
Mildura CPV 2000 Planned H1 2013  
University of Queensland 1221 2011 Trina, PowerOne, Ingenero
Newington Atheletes’ Village 1100 2010 BP Solar
Adelaide Showground 1000 2009 Solar Shop, Built Environs, 
Uterne 969 2011 SunPower, Satcon/SiClean Energy, Power and Water, Solar Cities
KJM Contractors 495 May-13 Trina, Power1, Ingenero
Kalkarindji 402    
Fraser Coast Community  Solar system 401 Being installed  
NEXTDC 400 May-12  
Singleton 400 1998 Energy Australia
Dandiiri Contact Centre   396 2011 Conergy, SMA, Sun Elec, Glenzeil, Kane Constructions
The Wharf (Sydney Theatre Co) 384 2010 Suntech, SMA, DCM
Griffith University 380 Feb-13 Sunpower, Stowe Electrical
Ernabella (Umuwa Community) 350 2003-2008 Solar Systems
Townsville RSL Stadium 348 2012 Ergon
Ti Tree 324    
Alice Springs Airport 308 2010 SolFocus, SMA, Ingenero, CAT Projects
Crowne Plaza Hotel 305 2009 SunPower, SMA, CAT Projects, Odgen Electrical, Investnorth, 
Marble Bar 304 2010 SunPower, Horizon Power
Ballarat Solar Park 300 2010 Sharp Solar, Origin, Central Vic. Solar City, PSG Elecraft, Powercor
Bendigo Solar Park 300 2010 As Ballarat
Carnarvon 290 2012  
Lajamanu (Community) 288 2006 Solar Systems
Hervey Bay Hospital 266 2011  
Yuendumu Community 240 2005 Solar Systems
Perth Zoo (walkway and roof) 237 2011  
De Bortli Winery 230 Oct-13 Hanwha Q Cells, The Solar Project
Ferngrove Wines 227 Jul-13 Great Southern Solar
Alpurrurulam 226    
Kings Canyon 225 2003 Shell, PSA, Ecoenergy, Satcon, SiClean Energy, Ogden 
Nullagine 203 2010 SunPower, Horizon Power, PowerCorp
Queensland University of Technology 202    
Johnson & Johnson 200 2010 Sanyo/Energy Matters /SMA/Apollo Energy
Metricon Stadium (Carrara) 200 2010 Stowe Electrical
Queen Victoria Market 200 2003 BPSolar Multi / Origin/Melbourne City Council / ?SMA
Hermannsburg Community 192 2005 Solar Systems
Desert Knowledge Precinct 170 2010 Various
Araluen Arts Centre 162 Under constr. Jul-2012 Q-Cells, Ingenero
Kogarah 161 2003 Unisolar Roof integrated + BP Solar BiPV Glass
Mt Isa 154 2010 Q-Cells
Monash Clayton 85 154 2011 Eging, SMA , Maxim Renewable (Developer/PM), Vibrant Energy Solutions (Designer); Ecotech Electrical (Installer)
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s Reef HQ Aquarium 153 2011  
Hamersley Iron 151 2003  
Australian Wool Testing Authority (WA) 150 Aug-13 Conergy, SMA, Infinite Energy
Galaxy Mine 150 2011 LG, Swan Energy
Olympic Boulevarde 150 2000 BP Solar
Kamberra Winery 146 2012  
Symonston 144 2012 Aide, Photon Energy
Tyree Energy Technologies Building, UNSW. 141 2012  
Quality Press 141 2012  
Fyshwick 140 2012 Aide, Photon Energy
Bridgewater (Solar Systems Bendigo R&D) 140 2008  
ANZ Head Quarters 138 2011 Lendlease
Rigby House – Coffs Harbour 137 2010 Kyocera/SiClean Energy (Solar Inverters) /Power One
Willoughby CC 135 2011 SMA, Schott
Sandvic Mining – Hunter Valley 132 2012  
5 Murray Rose Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park 130 2012 Lendlease
Mowanjum Aboriginal Corporation 130 2010 Solar Frontier, SMA
Windorah Solar Farm 130 2008 Solar Systems, Ergon Energy
Newman Airport 120 2011 SolarChoice
Monash Berwick 118 2011 SMA, Clenergy
Adelaide Airport 114 2009 BP Solar, Solaris Technology, Hansen Yuncken
Bradshaw (Defence Dept) 113 2005 Department of Defense
Perth Arena 111 late 2012 UNLTD Solar, Perth Solar City, O’Donnell 
Coca Cola – Eastern Creek 110 2009 BPSolar , Blacktown Solar City
King Island Solar 110 2008 KI Solar Pty Ltd (CBD Energy)
University of Queensland, Gatton 107 Aug-12 Infinity Solar
200 Collins – Hobart 106 Aug-12  
CSIRO Newcastle 102 2003 BP Solar, Donovan Electrical, John Holland
Richmond Football Club (microinverter) 100 2013 Yingli, GreenStar, MetroSolar
Mount St Benedict College 100 2013 Canadian, Fronius, SolarChoice
Flair Cabinets (VIC) 100 2013 Munchen, Zhenfa
Blacktown RSL 100 2011 SolarSwitch, Solyndra, Solar Choice
Cadbury Schweppes (Huntingwood) 100 2008 BP Solar, Donovan Electrical, Blacktown Solar City
Local Government Super 100 2010 Eco-kinetics, Solar Choice
Emerald Gardens Motel and Apartments 100 2012 Green and Gold
Milner Primary School 100 2011 Suntech, SMA
Casa d’Amore 100 2012 Gold Coast Energy, Conergy
Wilpena Pound 100 1998 AGL, Advanced Energy Systems, Solarex
Campbelltown Civic and Arts Centre 100 2013  
Botanica Bar (WA) 100 2013 SMA
University of Western Sydney 100 2011 RFI, Suntech
Blacktown Sports Club 99 2013 SolarChoice
Blacktown Workers Club 99 2013 SolarChoice
Magnetic Island Solar Skate Park 99 2011  
Diab Engineering 99 2013 SMA, Infinite Energy
Cockburn Integrated Health & Community Centre 99 Due 2013  
Port Macquarie Library 99 Jul-12  
Euston Bowling Club 99 2013 SolarChoice
Hilton Manufacturing (Tracking) 99 Oct-13 UpSolar, ABB, Hilton
Club Sapphire 95 2013 SolarChoice
Parkes Administration Centre 98 2013 Solco
Newcastle Works Depot (Waratah) 91 Oct-12 GWM Engineering
Balgownie Estate 90 2013 Yingli,  SMA, Enviroshop
Barossa Vintners 90 2013 Q-Cells, the Solar Project
Emerald Hotel 90 2012  
Rutherglen IGA 90 2013 Zen
Bordo International 85 2012 Daqo SMA Energy Matters
Thompson Pies (Gateshead NSW) 83 Mar-13 Current Generation Technology, ET, Schneider
Mark Pidcock Toyota (Lismore) 80 Mar-13 SAE Group, ZN Shine, Growatt
Exquisine (VIC) 80 Aug-13 Yingli, SMA, EnviroGroup
Carnarvon Park 80 Since 2000  
Derby Shed 80 2011 SolarChoice
Jacques Coffee Plantation 80 2011  
Tamworth Airport 80 2012 LG
Adelaide Hills Toyota 80 2013 SMA, A Class Electrical
Narelan Library 80 2013 SMA, Trina, Solar Technology Australia
SOPA building 46 77 Feb-08  
Mackay Regional Council 76 2011 SolarWorld, SMA
Wagga Rules Club 76 2013 SolarChoice
Monash Clayton 10 71 2010 EnviroGroup, SunPower, SMA
Sydney Superdome 71 1999 Canon, SEA, Energy Australia
Dubbo Western Plains Cultural Centre 70 2012 Solgen, SMA
Cockatoo Island 67 2011 Schott, SMA, Solgen
Stockland Greenhills 67 2012 Stockland, First Solar, SMA
Building 46 64 2007 Solarex/SMA (when refurbished) by GMC Engineering
Homebush Wetlands 64 2000 Solarex/SMA (prev Advanced Energy) Solar Technology Australia
William McCormack Place 64 2010 SunGrid, SMA, Laing O’Rourke, 
West Coast Institute Training 62 2012 SMA
Monash Incubator 62 2013 Yingli, SMA, Enviroshop
Toyota Maitland 62 2013 REC, SMA
Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club 62 Sep-12 Infinity
Australian Technology Park – NICTA 62 2011 SMA, Tianwei
Dovara Solar Farm 62 2011 SolarWorld, SMA, Infinity
Wimmera 60 Aug-13 CSUN, Power1, ABS, 
Pymble Ladies College 60 2011 Autonomous Energy, Kyocera, SMA
Brisbane Airport 60 2012 SolarWorld, SMA, Infinity 
Maroochydore Government Office Building 60 Feb-12  
Midland Atelier 60 2010 SunPower, SMA
Moorooka  60 2010 Suntech, SMA, Ingenero
The Summit Solar Farm 60 2011  
William Buck Centre 60 Unknown  
Monash Business Incubator 60 2013 Yingli, SMA, Envirogroup
Allansford and District Primary School 58 2010-11  
ANU 56 2006 ANU, Rheem
Bulman 56 2002 NT Power and Water, 
Murdoch University Library 56 2010 SunGrid, SMA, Laing O’Rourke, UNLTD Solar
Redfern Oval 55 2013 Yingli, SMA, Solgen
Brisbane Lions Clubhouse 55 2011 Conergy, SMA
UQ Heron Island 55 2010  
Impulse Entertainment 64 Mar-13 Trina, SMA, Infinity Solar
Townsville Civic Centre 53 2011 Schott, SMA, Solgen
Inland Fisheries Tasmania 53 2011 SMA
Leopold Sportsmans Club 53 2013 Tianwei, SMA, New Generation Solar
Hammond Care Miranda 52 2013 Suntech, SMA
North Head, Manly 52 2010 SMA
Veolia Arndell Park 51 2011 BP, SMA
Ausgrid Learning Centre 51 2011  
Arndell Park , NSW  51 Feb-12  
TASPAWS – Maria Island 51    
Parkes Library and Cultural Centre 50 2012 Solco
Adelaide Central Bus Station 50 2008 BP Solar, Solaris Technology,  Mpower
Adelaide Central Market 50 2011 BP Solar
Bankstown Council 50 2009/2010 SMA, LJW Solar, Solar Technology
BCC – Rooty Hill Works Depot 50 2011 SMA, BP Solar, Solar Technology Aus, Blacktown Solar City, Soltech
Blacktown City Council Works Depot 50 2011  
Keylink Industrial Estate 50 2010 BP Solar
Mackay TAFE 50 2010  
Queanbeyan 50 1999 Solarex / PSA/Solar Technology Australia
Rundle Latern 50 2009 BP Solar
Western Plains Zoo 50 1997 Solarex / PSA/Solar Technology Australia, soltech
Campbelltown Public Library 50 2011 Designer/installer: Mpower
Crescent Head Country Club 50 2013 SolarChoice
Bay and Basin Leisure Centre 50 2011 SMA, Schott
Central Institute of Technology, WA 49 2010 SunPower, SMA
Nursery Traders 48 2010  
Randwick City Council Works Deport 48 2009 Solgen, 
Sydney Town Hall 48 2010 Suntech, SMA, Stowe, City of Sydney
Melbourne University 46 2002 BP Solar, ARUP, Solar Technologies
Dexus Property Group 46 2012 REC,SMA

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