3 Million Aussie Solar Installations

As of 9th November 2021, there are now over THREE MILLION installations of solar power systems in Australia.

Australia leads the world in the uptake of solar power systems, and has 22% more solar power than any other country on a per-capita basis (even after accounting for other countries with a smaller number of very-large solar farms.)

To celebrate, SunWiz is releasing a datapack of information about this impressive milestone. Download it using the form below.

Solar market analyst Warwick Johnston, the Managing Director of SunWiz, said passing three million solar installations is a remarkable milestone.

“Thanks to our homeowners, Australia leads the world in per-capita uptake of solar power – 22 per cent higher per capita than Germany or Japan in 2020, according to the International Energy Agency,” Mr Johnston said.

“The transformation of Australia’s carbon-intensive electricity supply has been led by households directly investing in solar power on their homes. Not just because it benefits the planet – because it makes financial sense to do so.”

“Thanks to Australia’s highly-efficient solar workforce, Australia is one of the lowest-cost countries for a rooftop installation. Our abundant sunshine, large homes and high electricity prices combine to make paybacks in Australia shorter than in most other countries.”