2023 Annual SunWiz Australian PV Report


A Comprehensive Insight into the Australian Solar PV Market Workings in 2022

This report gathers the full solar PV market data of 2022 and transforms it into a powerful, insightful and strategically crucial document for any solar business. The information herein has the enormous potential to shift your business strategies moving into 2023 to align with current trends – potentially adding many tens of thousands to your profits.

Ultimate Solar Market Knowledge At Your Fingertips


Key Events & Implications

Discover what the key events in 2022 were, the trends they reveal, and what it will mean for the solar industry going forward.

Covering: Records & Milestones, Key Trends, Firsts, Rollouts, Government Actions, Legal Action, Public Figures, Entries & Acquisitions.

Annual Installation Tally by Segment

Know the solar market intimately with insightful, easy-to-read data for 2022. Discover new opportunities for profit-boosting strategic shifts.

Covering: Total volume & growth, by state & size range, with annual and monthly breakdowns

Leading Solar Retailers

Identify which companies led each market segment, and understand the evolving PV Retailer landscape

Covering: Historic and 2022 Volume, annually & quarterly of Top Retailers nationally, plus volumes of top retailers in each state and system size range

Residential, C&I, Solar Farms

We cover every Australian solar installation – over 3 million of them – across the entire range of systems sizes, so you know about every opportunity in the nation.

Manufacturer Market Share

Identify which were the top-selling panel and inverter brands in 2022

System Price Trends

Understand the dynamics of solar systems and pricing.

Included in the annual report

Includes 122 pages covering:

  • Residential volume & growth
  • Commercial & Industrial volume & Growth
  • Solar Farm Volume & growth
  • Overall Tally
  • Outlook for 2023
  • List & Volume of Top 20 Companies Nationally & Top 10 in each state
  • 2022 Market Share of Panel Manufacturers and Inverter Manufacturers
  • Expanded analysis of the Top Volume Retailers (top 50 nationally, top 20 in each state, top 20 in each segment), including growth factors.
  • Commentary on Trends, Records, Rollouts, Government actions, Acquisitions
  • Detailed analysis of popular system sizes
  • Annual trends in prices of solar power systems
  • Analysis of solar panel imports
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Your “Ultimate” Solar PV 2022 Year In Review

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2023 SunWiz Solar Market Outlook

The 2023 Annual SunWiz Australian PV Report includes the 2023 SunWiz Solar Market Outlook. Plan for the future, position yourself to execute well, and avoid squandering profits on mistakes.

SunWiz’s forecast accounts for:

  • Dynamics of consumer interest levels in PV systems
  • Industry leaders opinions, which themselves influence the market 
  • Shifts in payback periods for PV & storage as electricity & equipment prices change
  • Changing regulations
  • Changing technology and markets adjacent to PV
  • How historical trends have played out
  • Segment-by-segment market assessment
  • Our expert opinion

The 2023 SunWiz Solar Market Outlook is contained within the 2023 Annual SunWiz Australian PV Report. Or it can be purchased separately by clicking the button below: