2019: Postcode Animation

There was a record volume of solar power installed in Australia in 2019.

Every year, SunWiz looks at the key events and trends that happened. We produce a Year in Review that’s full of information that solar companies use for their reporting and strategic planning. The process of stepping back and reflecting often leads to impressive new insights. 

Take this animation of Australian postcodes evolving volume and system size:

It reveals the growing volume and increasing system size in most Australian postcodes. Some postcodes are certainly growing faster than others – its just not clear which ones.

So, for the 2019 Year In Review I spent a few hours pulling out the top postcodes in the last year, concentrating especially on those that were growing the fastest. The following map shows the volume installed in each postcode in Q3 of 2019 (dot size) and the growth rate of Q3-2019 (market peak) versus Q1-2016 (market trough). Blue colours grew slower than the national average; orange colours grew faster than the national average

Its clear that there’s greater opportunity in some regions than others. But there’s also information hidden in the data that requires experienced understanding to draw out.

  • Most of WA has grown slower than the rest of the market. That’s partly because WA didn’t bottom out in 2016 like the rest of the country has. Indeed the 2019 Year In Review reveals that WA has sustained steady growth for longer than any other state.
  • There is quite small volumes in Q3-2019 for regional Victoria. That’s influenced by the Solar Rebate getting re-started. Despite that, there’s some high growth and high volume postcodes in Melbourne
  • There’s a band of high growth and high volume that stretches along the coast from Sydney to Bundaberg. Within that band there’s some places with exceptional growth.
  • There are a few inland regions of note, in particular along the Murray, and also central NSW.
We also found further evidence that solar penetration isn’t slowing  down the market. 14 of the top 20 postcodes historically are also top postcodes for Q3-2019. And half of the Top 20 historical postcodes are growing faster than the market average rate.

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