2018 Year In Review - Comprehensive Report of Australian Solar PV in 2018


A comprehensive overview of the Australian solar PV market workings in 2018

This report gathers the full solar PV market data of 2018 and transforms it into a powerful, insightful and strategically crucial document for any solar business. The information herein has the enormous potential to shift your business strategies moving into 2019 to align with current trends – potentially adding many tens of thousands to your profits.


Ultimate Solar Market Knowledge At Your Fingertips


Key Events & Implications

Discover what the key events in 2018 were and what it meant for the solar industry.

Annual Tally

Know the national and state-level solar market intimately with insightful, easy-to-read data for 2018. Discover new opportunities for profit-boosting strategic shifts.

Solar System Sizing

Thoroughly understand changes in system size popularity across Australia. Review past data and formulate a strategy that more closely aligns with the market.

Your “Ultimate” Solar PV 2018 Year In Review

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Re-align your PV strategy for 2019

Profit-boosting potential – 12 months of powerful data
In-depth (national and state-level) analysis of top 10 PV retailers
The must-have guide to Australian PV market workings for 2018!
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  1. List of Records broken & Milestones
  2. Description of Trends
  3. Highlights of 2018 News
  4. STC Market Volumes Nationally and by State
  5. Average System Size and Distribution of System Sizes
  6. System Prices
  7. Volume of Panels Imported and their Origin & Destination
  8. TOP PV Retailers
    • Nationally (STC)
    • In every State / Territory
    • Residential
    • Commercial 10-100kW, 10-30kW, LGC, Overall
    • Nationally (Combined STC + LGC)
  9. LGC Market
    • Volume Nationally and by State
    • Solar Farms Operating & Under Construction + Extended Development Pipeline
  10. Overall Market Tally

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