2016 Strategic Positioning Report

What will 2016 have in store for the solar industry? It’s anyone’s guess… Unless you keep reading.


  • What will the impact on SRES be in 2016?
  • Where is the utility-scale market heading?
  • Are PPA’s about to take off?
  • Is the battery market set to (finally) explode this year?
  • What is your best strategic position for maximum profits in the coming months?

Learn from 2015 and past years how to best position your business for success in today’s market.

SunWiz have looked at their crystal ball…

And done their usual intensive analyses on market movements as well as less numerical indications to collect all the most useful information you will need in the coming months.

What you get:

– Commercial growth forecast for 2016

– Forecast of key PV market volumes & how to take advantage of them

– Which strategic approaches will likely hold the highest profit margins

– SunWiz’s commercial recommendations

– State market trends for residential PV

– Battery market forecast

– The main overlooked opportunities in the PV market which you can take advantage of right away



– Be extremely well placed to take advantage of PV market trends – including boosting commercial success

– Setup a marketing strategy with high conversion rates and take advantage of unprecedented PV market outlooks

– Sell more PV with intelligent targeting

– Increase your profit margins by having the right strategic approach for your business


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