2.13GW of sub-100kW PV installed in Australia in 2019

Wow, what a year in Australian Solar!

(Takes deep breath)… (Wipes sweat off brow)…

(Thinks a 100% solar powered VB would quench a hard-earned thirst)…

(Pretends to have done some physical labour to have caused sweatiness and deserved a VB)…

(Wonders if Warwick Solar Farm needs an unlicensed electrician to handle some panels)

(Thinks ‘should get back to telling everyone what they want to know’)

So, in case you were wondering, Australian Solar had a boom year. Hats off to everyone who slaved under a hot sun to do our bit to reduce Climate Change and to reduce electricity bills for customers.

Here at SunWiz we’ve been slaving away (getting blisters on our fingertips) on our end-of-year analysis of the Solar Market for 2019, for our 2019 Year in Review report. And my, its a doozy!

The final tally was 2.13 GW of sub-100kW systems registered in 2019. 

And that’s 35% growth year-on-year!

After 46% growth the previous year. And 50% the year before that.

Which means we are 3x the volume registered in 2016.

Here’s what that looks like:

What got us there (apart from a lot of blood, sweat, and VB)?

Concurrent record volumes installed in every state (except Tasmania). Which bodes well for the start to 2020: our success in 2019 wasn’t dependent upon any one state (indeed it would have been higher if Victoria hadn’t switched on the brakes mid-year).

Also boding well for 2020 is the this: every state other than Victoria and Tasmania ended off the year registering a concurrent record volume of PV in December.

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