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Robbing Solar to Pay Power Retailers

The electricity pricing regulator in NSW has recently revealed that utilities are making windfall profits from the Solar Bonus Scheme. As the NSW government retrospectively robs one third of solar system owners’ promised entitlements, it is clear that electricity retailers are charging back to the customer at rates up to 40c/kWh of electricity that was freely generated from the sun.

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) recognise that utilities are making windfall profits from the Solar Bonus Scheme. “The Solar Bonus Scheme is currently structured so that [electricity] retailers receive a financial benefit,” IPART says. The organisation goes on to suggest that requiring the electricity retailers to pay back some of this financial benefit would reduce the “amount of funds … foregone by taxpayers”. This financial benefit arises because taxpayers fund the payments made to solar power generators, which means the solar electricity itself is provided to the retailers for free. The vast majority of the electrons generated by the solar power system then flow back into the house, only after electricity retailers record them, and charge the customer up to 40c/kWh.

The Australian PV Association (APVA) has revealed that IPART’s indented electricity price rises would deliver a further windfall profit to the utilities. IPART’s draft decision would allow electricity retailers to pass-on the cost of complying with the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme at a rate of $40 per certificate. However, Small-scale Technology Certificates can currently be purchased at $25 – a price low enough to enable vast windfall profits to accumulate in retailers' pockets.

In its presentation to the Solar Summit, the NSW Office of Resources and Energy acknowledged utilities’ windfall profits and suggested that electricity retailers contribute to the costs of the Solar Bonus Scheme. Instead, the NSW government is attempting to short-change pensioners, baby boomers, and low-income households, while continuing the practise of serving up profits to electricity retailers at taxpayers’ and consumers’ expense.

Analysis by the University of NSW showed that most owners of solar power systems had household income of less than $70,000, and that the majority of recipients were over 60 years of age. Over 120,000 NSW households now own a solar power system, most of whom made an investment decision upon the basis of seven years of legislated entitlement of 60c/kWh for generated solar electricity. The government now seeks to cut by 40c/kWh entitlements of those most impacted by electricity price rises, while allowing electricity retailers to make windfall profits from taxpayer and electricity consumer alike.

Unfortunately, the flow-on effects of this action don’t stop there. By reneging on legislation, the government will undermine the public’s confidence in making any future purchase of a solar power system. This sets a dangerous precedent that will reverberate nationwide, and seriously threaten the ability of the solar power industry to home-deliver clean energy and protection from electricity price hikes. It also puts thousands of jobs at stake.

More broadly, this action undermines trust in governments nationally, especially as the lip service they pay the environment is underdone, and then undone. As Nigel Morris of Solar Business Services ponders, “Is every piece of legislation able to be thrown out on a whim? Will I potentially have to give my First Home Owners Grant back?”

It is no longer ironic that the NSW government threatens the entire solar power industry over a $41 annual impact upon electricity bills when it ignores windfall profits to utilities and subsidises the coal industry by $1 billion each year. It’s an outrage.

NSW Solar Chart

The figures above show the uptake of solar power systems in NSW by age group and household income level. They are taken from Bruce, A. W. (2009). Who Buys PV Systems? A survey of NSW PV Rebate recipients. Proceedings of Solar 09. Townsville: Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society.

NSW Chart

The figure above relates postcode-level installation data provided in mid 2010 to the Solar Bonus Scheme Statutory Review, correlated against individual taxable income levels at the 2006 census. It demonstrates that uptake has predominantly been in low-income areas.

This article first appeared at Climate Spectator.

Industry Intelligence

SunWiz's range of Market Intelligence products helps strategic Solar Businesses to track current trends, manage emerging risks, and forecast future volumes. This assists wise businesses to outsmart the competition.

Governments and NGOs also benefit from SunWiz's extensive knowledge of solar installation history, trends, and demographics.

Outsourced Engineering

We assist solar businesses to manage their growth profitably by outsourcing their engineeringThis typically comprises system design, performance evaluation, and project management.


Outsourcing helps businesses manage peaks and troughs in business, and enables businesses to grow and tackle new jobs with confidence. SunWiz helps new-entrant businesses access skills they can't yet afford in-house, and helps companies that are "too busy" to take advantage of strategic opportunities.


Analytic Solar Consulting

Question: "Who can help me figure out....?" Answer: SunWiz!

Some examples of the analytic solar consulting work we do include:

  • Create Winning Proposals for Large-Scale Solar Projects by performing in-depth analysis of financial return as part of a sales pitch
  • Perform Detailed Performance analysis including modelling shading
  • Help Councils and Clients identify which buildings are most feasible for solar



LinkedIn Recommendations

Nigel Morris

Nigel Morris

Director/Principal Consultant at SolarBusinessServices

Through his business Sunwiz, Warwick has collaborated with me on several projects. He is a good guy and knows his subject well. His analytical and IT skills are excellent and he has demonstrated both strong integrity and a passion for renewables.

Stefan Jarnason

Stefan Jarnason

Managing Director at Solar Analytics

Warwick has an impressive knack for understanding complex solar market information and distilling it onto actionable information. He has a unique grasp of both highly detailed technical details and overall market strategy.

Gonzalo Muslera

Gonzalo Muslera

Director, PIVOTAL Solar Solutions

The solar industry is dynamic and Warwick's solar expertise and knowledge of the solar industry was important to our company in refining our strategic approach. The insights gained in the meetings and reports were highly valuable. They substantiated the several initiatives implemented since then. He is great to deal with, and I look forward to doing more business with him in the future. Thank you Warwick.

 John Grimes

John Grimes

Chief Executive Officer (Australian Solar Council)

Understanding the solar market is all about understanding data. Warwick is an expert at using data to make the picture clearer. If you are looking for solar clarity, Warwick is your guy.

 Peter Bulanyi

Peter Bulanyi

Managing Director of Si Clean Energy

I have known Warwick for many years within the PV Industry. Warwick's relentless pursuit of excellence in PV engineering, statistical analysis and governance places him as one of the leading PV professionals in Australia.

 Tristan Edis

Tristan Edis

Editor - Climate Spectator at News Corp

Warwick is one of the foremost experts on the Australian Solar PV market full stop. 
My job is to provide media commentary on the Australian renewable energy sector and the Australian energy market more generally and I regularly call upon him to keep me informed on key aspects of the Australian solar market using the most up to date data available. 
If you want to know about how the Australian solar market is evolving I'd put him up there with less than a handful of other individuals in the country. 

Dewayne Montey

Dewayne Montey

Import & E-commerce Consultant - Transforming Lives & Businesses

I have known and worked with Warwick on several occasions and found him to be a breath of fresh air for the solar industry. He is passionate and very knowledgeable. He provides excellent market research and understands industry trends like no other. He is innovative and a big thinker capable of helping any renewable related business navigate their way to success.

Jason Alford

Jason Alford

National Technology Manager at the Ray White Group

Warwick has a broad set of consulting skills specifically tailored to the Solar PV market. His industry reports, technical ability, solution design capabilities and senior level network within both the political and commercial sectors sets Sunwiz apart. Once engaged, Warwick performs to high standards at all times and the outcomes provided are of a solid commercial nature.

Jason Alford
National Channels Manager - Solar

Glen Currie

Glen Currie

CEO at Flurosol and Director Communications Management Company

Warwick focuses on delivering well grounded advice to the solar industry.He is a sought after speaker at conferences as well.

 Andrew Hall

Andrew Hall

Entrepreneur | Investor | Advisor

My experience with SunWiz dates back to 2009 where I asked Warwick to consult to a then little start up: Bright Generation. In my opinion Warwick/ Sunwiz has been a key player in Australia's solar proliferation through providing insightful and timely, technical and commercial services to many domestic and international corporates. Where would we all be without Sunwiz's weekly market insights!

I would advocate for Warwick / Sunwiz for any commercial / technical support in residential, commercial or utility scale Solar. 

  Terry Davis

Terry Davis

Managing Director at Excel Solar Pty Ltd

Warwick is a very determined and knowledge young man with a passion for renewables. In particular solar PV systems. Warwick's technical knowledge is tempered by his business savvy and experience. He is always there to offer advice and guidance while learning as much as he can about the industry. 

While Warrick has always offered advise without leverage or remuneration, I do believe his experience, knowledge and professional advice when consulted is priceless and worth the investment. You can expect and will get great business results. 
Warwick has his "finger on the pulse" of the solar industry in Australia. He is an asset to the industry and a great supporter of solar photovoltaic's within Australia. 
I encourage any questions, of my recommendation, and can only hope that within the future the Industry retains and maintains this caliber of person. 


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