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Need solar advice? Assistance? A quick answer? SunWiz helps you understand the solar industry, leading to better outcomes for your business or government department. We help you deliver improved outcomes.

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Strategic Intelligence

To support your business strategies, SunWiz produces a range of Industry Intelligence subscriptions. STC Market Movements, PV Trends, Installation HotSpots. Plus special reports including Forecasts and Commercial Market Outlooks. These are all based

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Helping Growth

Whether you're under-resourced or tacking something new, SunWiz helps you with strategic projects. We help each step of large scale systems including projects bids and feasibility studies, award-winning system design, engineering and project

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Independent Expertise

SunWiz is trusted to deliver investigative reports for the Clean Energy Council and Australian PV Association. We've helped Federal, State, and Local Governments assess and review the case for solar power on

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Sales Tool

PVsell is software produced by SunWiz that assists solar companies to sell more solar power. We help you make a compelling sales pitch by accurately proving the financial benefits of solar installation.

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Which Panels Perform Best?

Are you one of the 99% of people that ask "which panels are most efficient"?

If so, then you're asking the wrong question. Panel efficiency only governs how much area is taken up by a kilowatt of panels, which is really only important when you have a small or shade-constrained roofspace.

What you want to know is "Which system is the most efficient?" System efficiency considers losses in the inverter, wiring, and panel configuration, and it is the system efficiency that governs your annual yield - ie how much your electricity bill is reduced by.The following factors can influence the value of your solar investment:

  1. Panel Orientation and Inclination. Though an (Australian) PV system should ideally face North, good performance can still occur for orientations between East and North, for pitches of 10degrees to 40 degrees. More information is available on the Clean Energy Council Consumer Guide. SunWiz is an expert in performance assessment, using the best software simulators.
  2. Panel Shading - Shading kills solar performance. Even a small amount of shading can result in dramatic losses in energy yield. The panels should be unshaded for the peak 4-to-6 hours of each day. Some highly technical papers on shading may interest readers: NREL and University of Geneva. SunWiz can perform detailed shading analysis using the best predictive modelling software.
  3. Panel and Inverter Temperatures - Both PV panels and Inverters perform worse when hot. Increasing panel ventilation and reducing inverter's exposure to direct sunlight can result in superior yield, as can using panels with better performance at higher temperatures. The DKA Solar Centre provides some interesting side-by-side comparisons of panels operating at high temperatures in the desert. This data has been analysed by Kyocera for your reference. The California Energy Commission has some interesting findings about panel performance at typical conditions (rather than laboratory conditions).
  4. Panel degradation - over time, the performance from a PV panel reduces. This performance degradation affects some panels more than others, meaning some panels are producing much more than their warranted output after 20 years. Some references: NREL, Sandia Labs, NREL again.
  5. Panel, inverter, and balance of system quality - although quality is difficult to see with the naked eye, quality can affect performance. This may be due to some in-built features that improve energy yields, or because of longer panel life that produces far greater revenue for you.
  6. Product and performance warranties matter, but so does being around to service them. Financial sustainability of your panel manufacturer and PV retailer matter. Trina Solar present some interesting information on solar company viability.
  7. Potential Induced Degradation (PID) has recently reared its head. In tropical regions, panel performance can decline dramatically for larger systems when high string voltages are used. It's not really a problem  outside the tropics, but the Fraunhofer Institute presents some interesting information on PID effects. For PID robustness, Q-Cells comes out on top.

Some other side-by-side comparisons of panels: Photon magazine, DKA Solar Centre.

SunWiz takes all these factors into account when assessing the best financial outcomes for its clients.

SunWiz can help you make the best decision and obtain the best financial outcome. Learn More about Our Capabilities

Industry Intelligence

SunWiz's range of Market Intelligence products helps strategic Solar Businesses to track current trends, manage emerging risks, and forecast future volumes. This assists wise businesses to outsmart the competition.

Governments and NGOs also benefit from SunWiz's extensive knowledge of solar installation history, trends, and demographics.

Outsourced Engineering

We assist solar businesses to manage their growth profitably by outsourcing their engineeringThis typically comprises system design, performance evaluation, and project management.


Outsourcing helps businesses manage peaks and troughs in business, and enables businesses to grow and tackle new jobs with confidence. SunWiz helps new-entrant businesses access skills they can't yet afford in-house, and helps companies that are "too busy" to take advantage of strategic opportunities.


Analytic Solar Consulting

Question: "Who can help me figure out....?" Answer: SunWiz!

Some examples of the analytic solar consulting work we do include:

  • Create Winning Proposals for Large-Scale Solar Projects by performing in-depth analysis of financial return as part of a sales pitch
  • Perform Detailed Performance analysis including modelling shading
  • Help Councils and Clients identify which buildings are most feasible for solar



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