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Solar Market Insights

Australian PV Market Intelligence by SunWiz

SunWiz solar market insights is a specially designed intelligence product to help solar business get more. By producing highly insightful reports into solar market movements and offering expert commentary, we give solar businesses a strategic advantage. Plan your strategy with SunWiz Insights and discover the difference it makes.


Powerful Insights At Your Fingertips

Track Trends

Insights allows you to track solar market trends closely and with ease. Particularly useful for discovering new wholesale customers and monitoring competitors' (and your own) performance.

Know Your Market

Knowing how the market is performing allows you to get a clear picture of where you stand in the market and whether or not you are performing comparatively well.

Outsmart Your Competitors

Without insights, your competitors are essentially running blind. With SunWiz Insights, you'll gain valuable knowledge and always be ahead of the game.

Insightful Australian Solar PV Market Analysis

What insights do you get? Read more in the brochure below, or download it here.

Innovative new analysis of the REC market puts the power of knowledge into your hands

Graphs plus insightful commentary

Track installation trends by month, state, system size distribution, market share and more!

Monthly reports + special features.

From only $375 + GST/month!

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SunWiz Insights also contains pricing trends based upon data analysis of information provided by Solar Choice.

What's included in each package?

Track market share, identify emerging trends, enhance success
Australian PV market monthly capacity & #systems registered - nationally and by state
Evolution of average system sizes - nationally and by state.
Distribution of system sizes - most recent month
Solar Choice Market Insights: system pricing analysis
Rotating Feature: Market Share (National Top 20, State top 10) for current year (Interactive) / Large Scale PV Market / Feature Installer
Special Feature each month
Data table of: Total Capacity by Installation Year & Registration Month - state & national, Average system sizes, Popular system sizes for current year, Market share (top 20 nationally, top 10 in each state) for current year, quarterly rankings (top 30 nationally), #systems by size by date.
Premium Data Table: Top 50 nationally & Top 20 in each state - #installations & installed capacity by month for current year  
Premium Data Table: Distribution of system sizes for current year for top 50 nationally.  
Interactive Graph: Players experiencing Growth and Contraction  
Perform SWOT analysis on market leaders incl recent growth/contraction  
Identify, Evaluate, and Monitor Customers. Manage Debtor Risk    
Interactive CustomID Inspect key statistics of top 200 players nationally    
Data table of all PV companies self-registering STCs    

Which Insights Package Is Right For ME?


Our standard Insights comes with everything you need to become a leader in solar through market intelligence. This package is specifically designed for small-medium solar PV retailers.



Insights premium comes with everything in the standard version plus 4 key features which any serious PV player will love. This package is designed for large PV retailers and PV importers.


Custom ID

Our Custom ID package allows you to manage debtor risk (potentially saving you tens of thousands) and gives you exclusive access to many other key statistics.


All pricing above is excluding GST. Minimum 6 month subscription required.

6 Month Subscription