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2017 Battery Market Report

Australia's most comprehensive report on the market for energy storage systems - now with a mid-year update!

As Australia's leading provider of solar market research, SunWiz's position of a trusted independent market analyst means top companies trust us and have shared their information and unique insights. This report provides unprecedented transparency into what is otherwise an opaque market. 

The Mid-year update answers these questions:

  1. How to have a winning proposition: What key factors made retailers choose their battery manufacturer
  2. How your battery is viewed: How the market sees each battery brand in terms of awareness, quality, value, and levels of service
  3. How are inverter brands viewed, and what inverter features are most important to customers
  4. How to sell more batteries: Key purchasing motivations for customers
  5. What features are essential: The proportion of sales that are AC-coupled, High Voltage, Retrofit, and 3-phase, and the 
  6. Sales channel origins, and sales closure rate


  • The national tally of installations in H1-2017, with state breakdown
  • Key trends happening as we speak
  • Summary of key newsworthy items
  • Analysis of projects completed, and those slated for 2017
  • Wholesale and retail pricing
  • Movements in financial outcome for a range of batteries and locations
  • Forecast for H2-2017 & 2018

You can purchase the mid-year update for $3500, or bundle with the extended 2017 Report published in February, described below, and get 

  • Key news items and projects for 2015 & 2016
  • Research on pricing trends and forecasts, plus subsidies available in Australia
  • Research on financial analysis of batteries from key research firms
  • Research on customer purchasing motivations
  • Manufacturer public announcements of volume
  • Research on forecasts for the years ahead
  • Channels: which wholesalers stock what, and which retailers sell whom
  • Top Ranks of battery manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers





February's Seminal Battery Report

Market Size

Know the market size for batteries in 2016 (and your share of it)


Learn how to target the best customers for batteries 

Top Ranked Battery Retailers, and more!

All the information you need to understand the battery market for 2017 


  • Who are the top ranked PV Retailers, Wholesalers, and Manufacturers
  • Size of the Market in 2016
  • Forecast market size 2017 and beyond
  • Top ranks of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers
  • Top locations for battery installations
  • Major announcements in 2016
  • List of key major energy storage projects, programs, and rollouts
  • Snapshots and projections of battery prices in Australia and globally
  • List of battery subsidies available in Australia
  • Financials of batteries
  • Where are the best locations to install batteries?
  • Which customers are the best targets for battery sales?
  • Which tariffs are most favourable for batteries?
  • What are customers key purchasing motivations for batteries?
  • Trends, Commentary, and Insights
  • Channels: Which wholesalers and which retailers sell which brands
  • Influential battery brands and other companies

The "Ultimate" Industry Guide To PV Batteries

Get Your Copy Now

A report for Battery retailers containing the essential information needed for you to prosper in 2017, and an extended report that provides deep insights into the battery market. If you're a Battery Manufacturer or Wholesaler, a DNSP, or you are investing in the market then the Bundled reports is your best option.



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