Even after your solar project is installed SunWiz has a range services to support your new system. Writing award submissions, case studies, lessons learned or providing conference exposure are just some of the ways that SunWiz provides a fully comprehensive service to you.

SunWiz has a knack for designing award winning solar systems and writing award winning applications. SunWiz has received awards for every major project they have managed. When writing the award submission for your project SunWiz knows what the judges are looking for and can masterfully tell the story of the project. This includes describing how problems were foreseen and prevented, how challenges were addressed and how the project took the most elegant solutions. Winning awards for you project increases exposure and demonstrates the leadership taken in the renewable energy sector.

In any project there is the potential for challenges to arise. It is the manner in which these challenges are met and the lessons learned from encountering them that improve our resilience for the future. SunWiz operates on a philosophy of lifelong learning and as such has the ability to communicate the lessons learned from previous projects.

SunWiz can provide material for case studies and presentations to effectively and accurately communicate the story of your project.

SunWiz regularly present at conferences which can provide greater project exposure and networking of your project.

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