If you are after a superb outcome for your project, then SunWiz is for you. Sunwiz’s experience in project management ensures that milestones run smoothly and efficiently. SunWiz can provide project supervision, subcontractor management, logistics, and documentation for your project. See below for more on these services.

SunWiz can provide excellent project management and supervision for any solar project. By establishing milestones SunWiz if able to identify every requirement within the project and ensure it happens on time and within budget. It’s the thoughtful phone calls, reminders, assistance and installation checklists that SunWiz provides which make for a smooth and effect project outcome.

Timings, material delivery, labour and weather are all play in large scale solar projects. SunWiz’s project management service takes care of the logistics to create as smooth a completion as possible for your project.

Depending on your solar project there may be many subcontractors (such as builders, structural engineers, electricians, plumbers ect) involved to get the job done. SunWiz takes the hassle out of co-ordinating all these parties so that you need only deal with one person – SunWiz.

Throughout the project SunWiz maintains complete and effective documentation of the design, progress and installation. SunWiz is also able to provide documentation of system specific manuals which have been award winning and take the hassle out of this crucial but often overlooked element of a large solar project.

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