Before starting any major solar project the feasibility of the venture must first be established. SunWiz provides a comprehensive suite of services for assessing the viability of a project. These include resource assessment, preliminary design, options analysis, pre-feasibility and detailed feasibility studies. See below for more information on each of these services.

Feasibility studies can be conducted to assess the viability and profitability of a project. SunWiz frequently undertakes both initial and detailed feasibility studies for government and commercial buildings. One particular feasibility study conducted for a local government authority was at a community library. This study provided assessment of the best sized system for site, upfront and ongoing costs, various financial scenarios including changing renewable energy certificate prices and cash flow options, system performance over time, load profile of the site, energy price projections and energy export projections. In addition sensitivity analyses can be developed to determine the key risk parameters and identify mitigation strategies.

Preliminary designs for your project can be developed to identify panel and invert combinations or prepare documentation for grid connection. For example SunWiz recommended 2-string/3-string bays for the Metricon stadium which achieved 14% reduction in panel cost through clever preliminary design.

Follow the link to see an example preliminary design prepared for Metricon Stadium

SunWiz can help you identify the most financially profitable outcome to get your project on a winning track. This will include assessing whether a double axis tracking, single axis tracking or no tracking have the best financial outcome for your project. SunWiz prepared an options analysis for a mine in Western Australia which involved building an load profile for a proposed mine extension and identifying the most suitable size PV system for local power stability, and whether the costs of tracking were justified.

SunWiz can provide an initial resource assessment for any potential large scale site.  The range of data available to assess your sunlight and weather resources each have varying costs and accuracy which are appropriate for different applications. SunWiz draws on this range of available data to find the source that best meet the needs of your particular application. SunWiz can then expertly assess, interpret, analyse and apply the data to your project.

We have done work for the Queensland University of Technology on the optimum angle of PV systems for maximum alignment with NEM peak demand, or, and a masters degree study conducted on technological/economic optimisation.

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