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2017 Year In Review

A comprehensive overview of the Australian solar PV market workings in 2017

 This report gathers the full solar PV market data of 2017 and transforms it into a powerful, insightful and strategically crucial document for any solar business. The information herein has the enormous potential to shift your business strategies moving into 2018 to align with current trends - potentially adding many tens of thousands to your profits.


Ultimate Solar Market Knowledge At Your Fingertips

Key Events & Implications

Discover what the key events in 2017 were and what it meant for the solar industry. Get a deeper look into solar politics, the RET review, energy storage, utility-scale PV and M & A.

Annual Tally

Know the national and state-level solar market intimately with insightful, easy-to-read data for 2017. Discover new opportunities for profit-boosting strategic shifts.

Solar System Sizing

Thoroughly understand changes in system size popularity across Australia. Review past data and formulate a strategy that more closely aligns with the market.


Your "Ultimate" Solar PV 2017 Year In Review

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Re-align your PV strategy for 2018

Profit-boosting potential - 12 months of powerful data

In-depth (national and state-level) analysis of top 10 PV retailers

The must-have guide to Australian PV market workings for 2017!

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